Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Proud to be a Girl!"

Gorgeous Intelligent Ravishing Lovable is what my definition for myself!!!!
I am a GIRL!
One of the best Compliments I received till now in my Life is "you look much girly girly!!" I really don't know if any dictionary has the word-'girly' but I love that word the most..

I struggle,I strive...
I care,I love....
No matter how many obstacles I have!

I may hesitate  sometimes,I may be wrong many a times..
I accept and apologize...

I sacrifice,I advise..
I am known for my Beauty and Elegance..
I always bear everything with patience..

No matter,even if the world rejects me..
No matter if social networking comments me...
I am the reason for beginning of a life!

I am flexible and adorable...
I am happy and responsible..
I think of everyone around me all the time..

No matter if i am not recognized many times..
I take up my duties....
As a a wife..
as a a daughter..
as a a stranger..
I am always there to share my love...I am here to give my life!
I am here to lead,guide and inspire the WORLD!

Happy Women's Day!


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    1. blogs lo kuda copy kodatara?its my OWN blog with my OWN writings!